The UCF Arboretum provides opportunities for students, staff, and visitors to explore and learn about the plant life and other natural wonders of our beautiful campus. We treat our campus as an outdoor living laboratory, which enables students to engage in relevant, experience-based learning.


LxL Co-Coordinators


Fall 2020:

Community Farm and Gardens Team: Brittany Hayes, Emma Cotten, Kirsten Bouck, Natalia Quintero Palomino, Adri-Anna Harris

Greenhouse Team: Juliana Ser, Marissa Henry, Camille Basit, Maximillion Meader, Gabriella Estrada

Urban Horticulture Team: Ian Soto, Stephanie Borden, Nicole Kraemer, Hannah Kulovitz, Lily Jaczko

Bee Campus and Pollinator Gardens Team: Joshua Yother, Rebekah May, June Davison, Samarah Martin, Nathan Leemis

Social Media & Marketing: Megan Cahill

Spring 2020:

Community Farm and Gardens Team: Adri-Anna Harris, Blake Lancaster, Jessica Provenzano, Juan Velasquez

Greenhouse Team: Gabrielle Estrada, Lily Jaczko, Maximillion Meader, Alec Santiago

Urban Horticulture Team: Annika Garcia, Samantha Hodge, Julianna Merotto, Neha Munagala

Bee Campus and Pollinator Gardens Team: Nathan Leemis, Courtney Lewis, Vern Renzette, Coral Robson

Recent Co-Coordinator Alumni