Started in 2008, the Adopt-a-Pond/Road program focuses on the care and maintenance of the UCF retention ponds and campus roads. Each identified pond or road should be adopted by dependable individuals who will commit to the project. The adoptees must maintain both the shoreline and the vicinity of the pond or road.

After 3 months of bi-weekly clean-ups, the volunteers responsible for cleaning will have the opportunity to have their organization’s name posted on a sign in the designated area. Ponds / Roads should be kept clean in a consistent manner in order to prevent sign privileges from being revoked.

If your group / organization has not made the decision to adopt a road or pond and you are interested, click the button below for the Adopt Application or contact for questions. Once the application is submitted, Shannon will follow up with the representative of the group.

*We currently have roads and ponds available.

Adopt Application