Started in 2008, the Adopt-a-Pond/Road program offers an opportunity for UCF student organizations to gain community service hours by eliminating trash around campus roads and stormwater ponds. Each pond or road should be adopted by organizations that will commit to the project in a dependable manner, volunteering to clean up their adopted space twice a month. The adoptees will monitor and pick up any trash along the shoreline and the vicinity of the pond or road; however, entrance into the pond water or road is prohibited for safety.

After two full semesters of consistent and recorded clean ups, the volunteer organization will have its name posted on a sign in the designated area to showcase its service. If the organization is no longer able to maintain a consistent schedule, the adopted area will be offered to another organization on the waitlist.

If your group/organization is interested in adopting a pond or road, click the button below for the Adopt Application or contact with any questions. Once the application is submitted, a representative will follow up through the email address provided in the application.

We are currently accepting applications to adopt roads and ponds.

Adopt Application