Arboretum Internships

For internships working in one of our teams at the Arboretum, visit our page on Knight Connect! For more information on what each of our teams does, visit our Learning by LeadingTM page. Applications open in the last two months of each semester and will be available under “Forms” on the Arboretum page. You must be logged into Knight Connect to view the available intern applications.

Knight Connect


Other Internships

Fleet Farming Internships
  • Administrative Assistant & Event Planner
  • Media
  • Marketing
  • Blog Writing and Research
  • Social Media
  • Grant Writing

Applicants must be able to:

  • Work a minimum of 8 hrs a week
  • Attend the internship in-person (In Orlando, Florida)
  • Professionally communicate absences, questions, comments, or concerns

Please note: Fleet Farming is not affiliated with the UCF Arboretum.
For more information please visit the below link:
Fleet Farming Internships