Andre Simoes

August 26, 2019
Andre is a plant science major and a lover of all things plant based. He hopes to one day own his own nursery with a wide array of native plants as well as decorative and interesting house plants. Currently, he is working as a greenhouse Co-Coordinator and is working toward improving plant sales and adding […]

Sandeep Singh

July 15, 2019
Sandeep is studying Information Technology while minoring in Digital Media. He works on the Arboretum website, keeping it up to date and looking fresh. With a love for nature, Sandeep aims to support and promote the Arboretum via its online presence. He plans to work in the web development field where he can assist local […]

Jena Osmani

January 24, 2019
Jena is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Biology on the Plant Sciences track. Outside of the classroom, she works in the garden at the Arboretum and is involved with Holistic Healing Organization. Her interests include medicinal plants, mycology, regenerative agriculture, and soil science. She was an intern for a conservation program that worked in forest […]

Mayerlin Fischbach

January 24, 2019
Mayerlin is a biology major and wildlife-loving enthusiast with the hopes of working in conservation ecology were she can help preserve the unparalleled creativity presented by the evolution of organisms on this Earth. She enjoys eating kiwis whole and crocheting gnome clothing in her free time.

Adam Mirajkar

January 24, 2019
Adam is a current student in the BFA Film Program with a minor in Environmental Science. He joined the Arboretum with a shared interest in raising environmental awareness, and a love for the natural Florida landscape. He hopes to spread recognition of nature with the power of media.

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