Ian Soto

October 13, 2021
Hi, I’m Ian and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Environmental Sciences on the science track. I started at the Arboretum as an Intern in Fall 2020, and now get to be the Urban Horticulture co-coordinator, which I’m super excited about! I would like to one day own a house with a creek in the […]

Alec Santiago

September 7, 2020
Hi, I’m Alec and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Biology on the Plant Sciences track. I started at the Arboretum as an Intern in Fall 2019, and now get to be the greenhouse co-coordinator, which I’m super excited about! I would like to one day run my own plant nursery or work in a […]

Kelly Furbish

July 31, 2020
I am an Environmental Science major and have worked with the Arboretum staff since March 2020. I started as the Office Assistant, but due to COVID-19, I have spent most of my time outdoors, helping with Farm and Gardens, Pollinator gardens, and general maintenance. I am now the head of the Arboretum Ambassador program, which […]

Vern Renezette

July 31, 2020
Vern is an environmental studies major whose main passions include promoting the conservation of Florida’s natural landscapes and encouraging others to become stewards of the environment through gardening. She believes in the power of public green spaces to not only foster necessary eco-consciousness, but also to unify, heal, and empower individuals and communities, and aspires […]

Samantha Hodge

July 31, 2020
Samantha’s love for design and the environment combined with knowledge of horticulture has led her to landscape design. She wants to create a new way of thinking through her designs. She is expected to graduate in summer 2021, Samantha takes every opportunity the arboretum provides to gain more knowledge about horticulture and creating environments to […]

Juan Velasquez

July 31, 2020
Juan’s is an environmental studies major with a passion for sustainable agriculture. He believes in the importance of developing agricultural systems that work harmoniously with nature to improve the health of the Earth as well as human well-being. He is certified as a type 2 wild-land firefighter and hopes to one day combine his passions […]

Alicia Lowenstein

July 10, 2020
My name is Alicia and i’m an Environmental Science major. I started at the Arboretum Summer 2019 as a Farm & Gardens intern and now i’m the co coordinator for that team. I love learning about sustainable farming and new innovative ways to grow food. I’m also a beginner certified Wildlife Fire Fighter, and have […]

Andrew Ayad

February 4, 2020
Andrew is majoring in Information Technology and minoring in Math. He is an IT student with experience in basic hardware and software installation, replacement, troubleshooting and various programming languages. In the future he plans on working in the web development field where he can help bring clients ideas to life.

Vince Marcucci

October 7, 2019
Vince is a student filmmaker and environmental science minor. He keeps plant people in the loop by specializing in the Arboretum’s social media accounts. He also runs the Arb’s Geocache stash and assists in media marketing.

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