Outdoor, authentic learning experiences are a wonderful way to get kids excited about science and the environment. Tours are flexible and cater to specific age groups and teacher suggestions.

• Tours can be scheduled for any duration of time, but are typically 1-3 hours depending on the age and size of the group.

• Most tours are guided for a small fee, usually $5.00 per person per hour.

• When scheduling a tour, please keep in mind the outdoor weather. In the summer (and most months in Florida) you should wear light-colored clothes, a hat and close-toe shoes. You should also bring sunscreen and a reusable water container.

• Most tours explore the fire loop, where there will be at least 3 different ecosystems compared (depending on age of participants), including Pine Flatwoods, Cypress Dome, and Oak Hammock.

• There are picnic areas around our campus to eat; after or before the tour.


The UCF Arboretum can also provide educational programs for extra-curricular groups for example, scouting badge educational requirements. Sunshine State Standards can be included in educational programs if requested.

To REQUEST A TOUR, please fill out the tour application below. Please allow up to two weeks for processing.

Tour Application



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