The Environmental Specialization Program provides recognition for the environmental interests, dedication, and accomplishments of UCF undergraduate and graduate students by offering a green cord for their commencement in addition to a certificate from the University of Central Florida. Upon completion, students are able to include the certification on resumes as well as exhibit a comprehensive portfolio.

In the context of this document the term ‘sustainable’ refers to the actions that support long-term ecological balance. Any situation that poses a threat to the health of a species and/or environmental resource is therefore considered ‘unsustainable’.

Students wishing to complete the Environmental Specialization Program should contact the Unifying Theme Assistant (contact listed on page 9) via e-mail in order to get started.

The ESP requirements can be completed over the course of any number of semesters at UCF; all requirements do not need to be satisfied in any specific year. Applications are to be submitted one month before the end of the applicant’s final semester. If the student has successfully completed the ESP portfolio early, the student must hold off submitting the ESP until their graduating semester. The Environmental Specialization Program is a one-time application that is awarded upon the successful completion of the program during the student’s graduating semester.


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