Community Participants

Florida Native Plant Society
Promoting the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.
UCF Alumni Seminole Co. Chapter
Providing opportunity for local UCF Alumni to further engage with the UCF Community.
Oviedo Boys and Girls Club
Every day after school and all summer long, we provide a safe and caring Club experience for children between the ages of 6 and 18 from our region’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods, at no or little cost to their families.

Campus Participants

Knights for Wildlife Conservation
Inspiring student involvement in conserving the habitats of wild animals and plant life through volunteer activities.
UCF Botanical Society
Creating a community for students interested in botanical sciences. By forming a community of plant science students with the Botanical Society of America we will be able to offer professional development opportunities and help link students to internships and jobs.
UCF Outdoor Adventure
Dedicated to encouraging personal growth, creating opportunities to meet new people, and cultivating new leaders through engaging and challenging outdoor pursuits.
Arboretum Beekeepers
We provide hands on experience at UCF’s Apiary and teach alumni and students alike about bees.
UCF Collection of Arthropods
UCF possesses one of the largest completely databased collections in the world with over 560,000 specimen records for insects and other arthropods with more being added daily.
UCF Eco-Socialists
We work to address issues such as environmental injustice, climate change, and promote a Green New Deal.
Knight’s Pantry
Committed to serving the UCF students by providing basic needs including food, clothing, and personal hygiene items to foster continued academic success thus increasing retention.
Plate’s Fairtrade Capstone
UCF Fairtrade is a project run through the capstone class where we are campaigning to get UCF Fair Trade certified. This would mean that many of the on campus locations (like Java City, bookstores, Foxtail, the POD, and Knighstop) will carry some Fairtrade designated items. These items are Fairtrade designated because the producers of them are paid a fair wage and they are made according to environmental regulations.