Use your brain to design our drain!

What is a Curb Inlet?

A curb inlet is a type of stormwater drain found in the curbs of roads. It consists of an opening in the curb, sometimes covered by a metal grate, that provides a path for water to flow from the road to directly and unfiltered to nearby rivers, streams, or ponds. Most people don’t pay them much mind but the service they provide is extremely important to public safety. Before urban development, most stormwater was able to be absorbed directly into the ground. Nowadays, a lot of our land, especially in urban areas, is covered in concrete and asphalt, creating what is known as an impervious surface. Impervious surfaces do not allow for the direct absorption of water into the ground, so any water that falls on these surfaces just pools there, creating the potential for dangerous floods. Curb inlets help to mitigate this danger by providing a means for this water to drain.

Curb Inlet Examples:
Curb inlet and surrounding curb and sidewalk Curb inlet from straight on. A sign reads no polluting, drains to river.

Stormwater Drain Design Contest

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Help our Stormwater Team design a sign for our curb inlets! All over campus, our curb inlets help reduce flooding from our roads. We need your help creating a sign that informs passersby not to dump waste down the curb inlets. Bonus points for it being UCF themed!

Contest Rules

  • Entries must be JPEG files. The winning entry will be required to submit a scalable vector format after voting (.EPS or .AI file types)
  • Color format must be CMYK or Black and White, no RGB. Please avoid gradients and half-tones.
  • UCF elements, such as UCF landmarks, mascots, or the UCF name, are encouraged! However, please refrain from using any UCF logos, such as these:
  • The winning design will be selected by a panel of UCF Arboretum staff and volunteers and may be altered to apply elements of UCF branding, color, fonts, etc.
  • Entries will be judged on their visual appeal, adherence to the concept promoting the contest, quality of design
  • The winner will be notified via email and announced on the UCF Arboretum social media accounts.
  • By Submitting a design, you are affirming that submissions are your own work and do not violate the intellectual property rights of another person or entity.
  • Winner will receive a $150 Target gift card!


Entry Examples:


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