Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Program, overseen by the Department of Landscape and Natural Resources, is focused on the preservation of biodiversity within Florida’s unique habitats, promotion of responsible land use, and facilitation of scholarly and educational opportunities for students, visitors, and faculty. The green space managed on campus is made up of over 320 acres of natural uplands and wetland habitats preserved in perpetual conservation easements with the St. Johns River Water Management District, and over 200 additional acres of natural areas that are currently set aside for long-term preservation. These areas include the east portion of the Arboretum Natural Lands as well as some wetland areas throughout campus. In addition, the campus contains an extensive network of stormwater ponds. These areas, in combination with the large area occupied by wetlands that, for the most part, are not suitable for development, constitute a large percentage of the land occupied by the UCF campus. For more information on the natural and protected areas at UCF, please review the Land Management Plan.