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  • Director UCF Arboretum &
    Landscape and Natural Resources
  • Facilities & Safety 16A
  • 407-823-1940
  • patrick.bohlen@ucf.edu

Dr. Patrick Bohlen is Director of Landscape and Natural Resources and Arboretum, and Professor of Biology at the University of Central Florida. He is an ecologist with a diverse research background in the areas ranging from soil ecology, water quality, and wetland ecology and restoration. He received his PhD in entomology from Ohio State University in 1994. Before coming to UCF in 2010, he was Director of Archbold Biological Station’s MacArthur Agro-ecology Research Center in Lake Placid, Florida. He currently directs the landscape and natural resource program at UCF, which is responsible for: landscape design, installation and maintenance; landscape irrigation; management of natural areas and conservation easements; and storm water infrastructure. He also oversees the UCF Arboretum, which together with Landscape and Natural Resources, provides opportunities for relevant, experience-based learning, urban ecology research, student and community volunteering and opportunities for people to connect with ecosystems and landscapes.