Sandhill Crane Research Project

Crane Flyer Image


Are you interested in helping out with wildlife research, and contributing to the  protection of animal life on our campus? The Florida Sandhill Crane is considered a threatened species mostly due to habitat destruction. UCF student Marisa Zimmerman is doing an undergraduate research project to identify the areas on campus that these cranes use.  You can participate in this research as a citizen scientist by reporting the location, and number of any Sandhill Cranes that you see on, or around the UCF campus.

To report sightings, please send an e-mail (via smart phone or computer) to with the subject line “cranes” noting the date, time, accurate location, and number of cranes (adults and young)—if possible send a picture taken with your cell phone.  Your participation would help significantly! If you have any questions or want additional information please feel free to e-mail with the subject line “cranes”.

If you would like to participate please make an effort not to disturb these animals in any way.  They are accustomed to humans and you can easily approach from a distance to take a picture, but please do not chase or harass them in any way, and if they show any signs of distress, please move away from them; it’s a federal offense to harass them.  However, if you are careful and considerate you can contribute important observations that will help us understand and protect these beautiful birds in our urban environment!




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