UCF Arboretum

Disc Golf

The 9-hole UCF disc golf course offers a fun and educational experience for recreational players. Each tee has a learning station, including a map of the course and facts about the local environment. The black-and-gold disc-golf mats are made from recycled tires, a subtle example of UCF’s commitment to sustainability. Please protect the natural areas by throwing away trash in the bins provided throughout the course and respecting wildlife.

The disc golf course was reduced to 9-holes for several reasons:

1) The land that the course is on is a conservation area, so the protection of the species and habitats is a priority. The 18-hole course created issues, as the fairways were surrounded by dense palmetto – players frequently lost their disc in these areas and created unwanted disturbance in searching for their lost disc;

2) We had a lot of complaints about the course, so we adjusted it based on the feedback we received;

3) The purpose of the course was not to build a competition course, but to create an opportunity for our students to learn the game of disc-golf. We intentionally made it 9-holes, so that participants could play two rounds, if desired, to achieve 18-holes.

Click here for the Disc Golf Map